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GSM Phone book reader

New! I've cross-compiled a version for the new OpenZaurus rom (3.5.1). Get it here

I have improved the infrastructure for accessing the phonebook. I should be easy now to use it to have a GUI or something. I will add features if there will bdemand. Get the new version!

I have made great progress on this package by doing some arrangements for the gsm phonebook translate (see main page). Basically that's the same code but arranged to classes and easier reading/writing of entries. Now ALL I NEED IS GUI! Someone who can write gui will make a perfect phonebook application for the zaurus. Contact me if you're interested...

This software is intended to read your phone book off a GSM phone, using an IR port (by default) or any other serial connection to the device. It has been tested on x86 and zaurus machines, with a Motorola Timeport P7389 phone. Note that it will not work with old GSM phones that do not fully implement an AT commands modem, such as Nokia 5110 series.

This software is on alpha stage - it might be usable, but you might need lots of scripting work around it to make it so.

Download and read the readme (compilation instructions are inside).

NEW Version 0.2 source and binary. source and binary

i386 binary NEW 0.2 Arm binary

Visit the main page: over-here