Setting up VLC with OpenZaurus 3.2 (stable) version:

Ok, that's quick and dirty, but it works.

1. Get vlc client for your desktop (preferably linux) from
2. Create a directory at your homedir called .vlc, and under it put the following in the file vlcrc (~/.vlc/vlcrc):
sout-vcodec mpeg1
sout-acodec mpeg1
This is needed so that the vlc will stream mpeg1 to the zaurus, so it will be easy to decompress. Yet I am not sure I am giving it correctly, vlc manuals are all a blur.
3. Fetch this tarball of packages to install for the zaurus.
4. Unpack it on the zaurus and install them like this:
First, copy the ldconfig file to /bin (because it does not come with OZ 3.2), then install the packages by that order:
libffmpeg, opie-libsdl, opie-netsetup, opie-vlc, vlc.
5. Start the vlc client on the zaurus:
    vlc udpstream:@:1234
    that tells VLC to run and listen to any interface for udp packets on port 1234. That can be done from a telnet session, or local one.
6. Start the vlc client on your pc (you are actually using the client to stream, you don't need the vls for that):
    vlc <file> --sout udp://zaurus_ip

That's it! it should run fine with 10Mbit ethernet.
Questions? mail me.