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(23/06/06) The joyful exams period is here again, and you are here probably looking for some lecture summaries. get them from here.

(28/02/06) This server now runs thttpd instead of apache. It should serve you faster!

(22/02/06) After a really long while of no updates, new software is available: bluegps for the zaurus - statically AND dynamically compiled! See links below.

Do you want to see Hebrew MP3 ID3 tags on your Sony Ericsson phone? go here for instructions

New version of micq compiled! It was compiled on SL-C3000, sharp rom. Tell me if it works for other ROMs. See links below.

You are here probably looking for some lecture summaries. get them from here.

A new thingie on the site: Ever wondered where you can find support for Merlin U530 UMTS card for OS X or if it's supported anyway? The answer is YES! and you can get it here. Of course, serious credit is for Ross Barkman's script. look at his homepage!

Usefull update: I've added OpenZaurus binary of my gsm phone sync software. This binary works with the new OpenZaurus - 3.5.1 . Fetch it here.

Update your GSM phone's SIM memory with the new phone numbers of all cellular operators in Israel - Cellcom, Orange and Pelephone. Fetch this tarball and run it from your linux PC or compile it for your platform. It should also compile for windows, but I didn't check it out. A Zaurus version is also available, but who the heck has zaurus around here anyway? Will not work if you have hebrew contacts!

*** MEAN UPGRADE ***: My old machine (web+dns) was upgraded to a mean P1-100 mhz with 64 MB ram. (that's mean because the old machine was 486-66DX2 with 16 MB ram. It has served me loyally and will probably continue doing so).

Not so new anymore; micq v for zaurus (openzaurus 3.2). See links below.

No-ma'am t-shirt logo in computer format. just print and iron to the shirt, and you have your own No Ma'am t-shirt! go here.

Stream video to your Sharp Zaurus from your PC using VLC! look here.

This server doesn't hold anything important yet, besides:

Bluegps compiled for the Sharp Zaurus (static linking-will surely work.) Bluegps compiled for the Sharp Zaurus (dynamic linking-saves space Micq for the Sharp Zaurus (tar opens to /usr/local) Micq for the Sharp Zaurus - OZ 3.2 ipkg Micq for the Sharp Zaurus - just binary Micq compiled for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 Mplayer 0.90rc1 compiled for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500

Home directories:

eran holds the zaurus gsm phone sync.

Important links: Slashdot Debian (linux distro) dhs.org - free dynamic host name Sourceforge - online community Freshmeat - apps for linux

Social/cultural/economical important links: I recommend a visit to those sites. It's important that you know what's going on in YOUR world. Mcdonalds spotlight Electronic Frontier Foundation

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